A Portuguese Wine & Rural Tourism full of History

Things to do

Besides relaxing and bucolic hiking or stimulating bike rides around the estate and in neighbouring areas, there are other pleasant ways of spending time in this part of the Alentejo region. The farming activities taking place throughout the year at Quinta das Ratoeiras are conveniently organized so that visitors have the opportunity to participate in them if desired. These activities involve harvesting olives in autumn, oranges in winter or grape harvesting and wine-making in the summer. The pruning periods can also be followed for those who would like to learn and participate in this process.

Other activities available are wine tasting, guided photo-safaris or even participation in the preparation of marmalades and «patês» made with farm produce - oranges, tomatoes, olives, etc. Rural life attracts the curiosity of town folk, desirous to have a closer look at some of the activities involved - milking goats and making fresh cheese, shearing wool from the sheep, traditional handcrafts like pottery, collecting and cooking wild mushrooms, amongst many others.