A Portuguese Wine & Rural Tourism full of History

Our story

Quinta das Ratoeiras had been an abandoned estate for over 30 years when it was acquired in 1993 by a couple of journalists, Pedro Luiz de Castro (Portuguese TV) and Patricia Lozano (Mexican TV). At that time their children were aged 6 and 2, and ever since, all weekends and holidays have been enjoyed at their «private paradise», as they still consider this place to be.

Coming from a family of grape and wine producers in the Douro Region, Pedro Luiz de Castro always had a dream of some day growing his own vineyard, and Quinta das Ratoeiras gave him the opportunity to make his dream a reality. Patricia Lozano, born in Mexico City, one of the world’s most populated cities, fell in love at first sight with the place for its peacefulness and captivating simplicity.

After rebuilding the house, there followed the plantation of the vineyard, which a few years later started producing the grapes that yielded the great «Vinho de Talha». Thus is known in Portugal this wine which is produced following the method used by the ancient Romans.

For over twenty years, almost every weekend, holiday and vacation were spent there together with family and friends. The general feeling was that this place had everything needed to receive visitors in a proper touristic context. For its natural beauty, its peacefulness and especially its closeness to the very impressive Roman ruins, everything indicated that it would be the perfect place for a rural hotel to be established.

When the propitious moment arrived, Pedro and Patricia decided to share all this natural wealth by transforming a house in ruins, which in the meantime they had acquired, into a comfortable wine and rural tourism site, in the midst of a vineyard.